Thursday, October 23, 2014

Reciprocal Teaching Video Reflections

I absolutely loved the way reciprocal teaching was used in this lesson. It got the kids involved, on topic and kept them interested in what was going on. This way of reciprocal teaching was especially great for kindergarteners because it counteracted their short attention spans. I also thought it was a good idea that the child went up to the front of the classroom to hold the item and answer the question. I felt that this probably prevented disruptions and distractions. It teaches these skills in a simple and fun way that makes the kids feel like they aren't being forced to learn.

I like how this video lays out the exact steps of reciprocal teaching and shows an effective way to do it in regard to time. Bringing up a group of kids easily solves this issue. The idea that one of the best ways to learn is to teach is reflected through this practice. The children are almost taught to be teachers and to ask questions that they think their teacher would ask them. I think this is a very effective strategy that the students can use for test preparation and memorization, while at the same time being a more effortless way to learn. Essentially, these kids are learning how to learn.

I like that this video shows how once reciprocal teaching as taught, it can be used for independent practice or in a group setting. Once this still is learned, it can be practiced with other students. The teacher could even put all the students into different groups and walk around the room observing and just making sure everything is running smoothly and properly.

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