Sunday, September 28, 2014

Literacy Center Map & Explanation

Above, I include several different literacy stations, which are differentiated by the colors on this map. The first area is in light blue. Here, I can give instruction to the class as a whole. Students are seated at tables in a half circle formation. An essential part of using literacy work stations is teacher instruction. We must model positive behaviors, encourage students to share their work and what they have learned at each station, and be able to instruct the class as a whole.

The next station (red) is for Guided Reading. This takes place at the teacher's desk, and is a great opportunity to cater to students' needs face to face. The students in this rotation will be grouped based on their skill level in the particular subject matter.

The Computer and Listening Station (green) will function as an area in which students can practice their typing, do research, or play educational games.

The Writing Work Station (orange) will function as an area where students can work on their writing skills in a creative way. There will be craft supplies and writing materials available at this station, which students can use for a variety of activities; including writing stories and letters, and making cards. Writing prompts will also be available to students. Materials and prompts will be changed on a regular basis to keep students engaged.

The Poetry Work Station (dark blue) is a table where students can pick from a variety of poems. An 'I Can' list will also be on this table. Students can choose to illustrate a poem, write their own, or even practice preforming one for sharing time.

In the Drama Work Station (yellow), students will be able to retell a familiar book, script, or play. They can do this orally or use sock puppets and popsicle stick faces to assist them. These materials will be located in the prop box.

The final two stations are part of the Classroom Library (purple). This area can be used for teaching and story telling, as well as independent work. At the classroom library, students can read familiar books, write a response, and even share their favorite part. On a nearby wall, students can write down their book recommendations on a recommendation pocket chart. At the Big Book Station (purple) next store, a familiar book will be displayed, and students will have the option of answering a prompt about this book or simply reading it. The Big Book will be a book associated with the curriculum.

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