Sunday, November 2, 2014

Writing in General

Though I feel confident in my writing skills now, for most of my academic career I didn't enjoy writing. In Elementary school, I did not enjoy my writing assignments and I don't think I had any understanding of the writing skills I have now. The only thing I do remember is how to structure an essay which I will cover in my drafting entry. Writing was frustrating because I didn't understand how to do it. I did, however, enjoy writing poetry throughout third grade and would write it in my notebook.
I finally honed some of my writing skills in high school. I began to write music, and I enrolled in the honors English classes every year. These were the classrooms where I learned pretty much all I know about writing. These are the classes I look back on and most closely compare to college level courses. Some tests required me to write 3 essays in a 45 minute period. In my opinion, these teachers were the best at my high school. 
I began to enjoy writing when I looked at it as a means of expression. I'm not sure when exactly this occurred, but that's what I enjoy about it now. I enjoy finding the words that best articulate what I'm trying convey.

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